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Rajasthan is the land of the Maharajas, an exotic and colourful home to the legendary warriors of yore, famous for their gallantry, chivalry, revelry and romance. Its kingdoms redolent with imposing forts, ethereal palaces, boisterous bazaars, vibrant people, timeless traditions and centuries of art and culture. Each of its cities has a unique character and a different colour, its capital Jaipur has the ditinction of being pink, also considered the colour of hospitality.

Capital of Rajasthan

The Pink City of India, the royal capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1727 AD. The ancient heart of this regal city still beats in its fairy tale palaces, its magnificent fortresses perched on barren hills, and in the broad avenues that provide a superb transport network throughtout the city.

Soak in the medieval flavour of this city by exploring its many monuments, go on a camel safari to explore unending stretches of the Thar desert , enjoy the cool evenings boating at the Ramgarh lake or linger in its boisterous bazaars, laden with handicrafts, handloom, jewelery, bandhani, block print, blankets and trinkets.

History of Rajasthan

The panoramic landscape of Rajasthan has been a silent witness to some of the most intense battles in history, tragic seiges, astounding victories, the unearthly valour of fine-cheeked Rajputs, charging to their deaths in ash and saffron. Dedicated Maharanis committing jauhar by the thousands and its forts and palaces that have lived on to tell the tale.

Once ruled by the Mauryan empire, Rajasthan became the stronghold of the Rajput clans in 700 B.C. Around the 12th century parts of Rajasthan were occupied by Muslim rulers but it was only in the early18th century under Mughal emperor Akbar's rule that all of Rajasthan was united into one province. After the decline of the Mughal rulers the Marathas penetrated into Rajasthan. As a legacy of this back-and-forth rulership of the province it has a rich culture and architectural heritage blending toghether Mughal, Hindu and Jain influences.

The People

Rajasthan is the region of the proud Rajputs, their valour and chivalry now a part of legend. They are of Scythian descent- a stock which moved out from the Caucasus in Central Asia towards the Indus Valley on the one side and the Germanic parts of Europe on the other.

What meets the eye when travelling through Rajasthan though are dusky, lissom Rajasthani women with sparkling, kohl-limned eyes, adorned with silver jewellery and thick, bone bangles worn way above the elbows. They sport backless cholis, generously pleated long skirts rich in mirror work and embroidery. A long odhni or head covering flowing gaily behind them completes the picture of ethnic allure. They smile with a winsome charm as they sway past with several terracotta pots casually poised on their heads. The men, without exception, sport colourful, flamboyantly styled turbans. Their swarthy faces flaunt large mustachios, displaying careful grooming and obvious pride. In rural Rajasthan, a moustache is an indication of manhood, virility and macho power.

Culture of Rajasthan

The hard life of the desert dwellers made them seek means of making life more pleasant, this gave rise to a vibrant culture that still lives on. Fairs and festivals, dance and music, colours, costumes and wandering balladeers truly make it a setting difficult not to fall in love with. The royalty also aided and abeted creative arts and exquisite miniature paintings, precious manuscripts and craftily designed wares can be seen in their palaces and museums.

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